TJB Productions Inc.

TJB Productions Inc.

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Guiding You in Growing as an Artist

Hone your skills and share it with the world with TJB Productions Inc. We seek out talent within Chicago and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through our programs, we will help you develop your gift and reach your goals.

We accept artists from the areas of fashion, modeling, singing, and performing arts. Here is a list of instructional programs we currently offer:

  • Performance Modeling
  • Dance
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Performing Arts

Whether you are a novice or an expert, our organization will help you realize your dreams!

Educational Programs

Vocal Coaching

TJB Productions Inc. is looking for aspiring singers from beginner to advanced who are looking to expand their knowledge. We offer vocal coaching for beginning and advanced singers.  Classes are 10 weeks in length. Once completed with your coaching and upon approval of the instructor, you can be eligible to show what you have done in future event and shows that are produced through us. 

Our Vocal Coaching Classes are 10 week programs.  The class is for beginners as well as intermediate and advance. The program will help you fine tune your voice for when you sing with a band or without.  We want you be able to sing live alone or with a group!  

10 week program

Tuition: $150.00

Registration will begin soon Watch for upcoming start dates!

Modeling for Men and Women 

If you have ever wanted to try modeling but thought you just didn't fit the mold, think again. With TJB Productions Inc., you will be more than a person walking on the runway—you are an artist!

TJB Productions has instructional programs designed to help you develop your skills in:

  • Basic Runway Walk
  • Building Your Personality

  • Performing
  • Choreography

Our program is a twelve week program, once a week in a group setting.  Anyone can be a soloist, but can you work in a group?  We will make sure you can!  Our program is for beginners as well as intermediate/advanced. 

Modeling Course

Twelve week program:  $180.00

Registration will begin soon.  Watch for dates and times

Tell a friend about us today. At TJB Productions Inc., you are more than just a model—you are a performer!

Dance Classes 

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