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About Us
TJB Productions was founded in 2009 with a mission to
seek out talented individuals who want to build on their talents through education and performance.  We have training sessions, education options for singers, models, etc. 

We are not an agency, but an organization that is founded on the premise that everyone has a talent.  We help find that talent.  Most of our shows are non profit based projects.  We only collect the cost of the show.  All proceeds are divided evenly with the participants.  

Other benefits included when you are apart of TJB Productions Inc:
  • Photo shoots (no cost to participants)
  • DVD of any show you are apart of (no cost to participants) 
  • Clothing (when applicable) 
  • exposure
  • Free instruction (for show participants)

We want to see you succeed! 
Our backgrounds are diverse, our experience is wide.  So let  us help transform you!

A little about each of us:
Todd Blunt
CEO/Artistic Director
Todd started his career in the dance back in 1993.  Became an instructor/choreographer in Hawaiian Studies and Hula and taught professionally for over 20 years.  He has organized productions since that time for a wide range of events, shows and workshops.  His career path was enhanced with modeling, non profit organizations. Todd founded TJB Productions Inc. in the Fall of 2009. The idea was that there is so much talent out there that no one sees and there has to be a way of showing that talent without it costing a lot of money.  So, his mission (which is our organizations mission) is to seek out talent locally and nationally that want show what they do without the cost of putting together an individual show.  His path then went to Chicago. He was introduced to his mentor and director of Creative Soul Entertainment,  Miss Erika Jarvis. With the guidance and influence of Miss Jarvis, he started the Evening Seduction Series.  This show is about Fashion, Song, Dance and Spoken Word, with an adult flare.   Todd is creative in that he will try anything with the premise that everyone is a performer regardless of their background. The fundamentals are the same.  He believes in team work, talent development and just enjoying what he does.           

Jennie Teague
Assistant Coordinator

De'Monica Flye
Asst. Artistic Coordinator/Vocals

Life should be fun no matter what you are doing!
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